I started beading many years ago by learning how to weave seed beads with thread into bracelets and necklaces.  I progressed to weaving beaded vessels, and finally small tapestries.  This kind of beading is slow and repetitive work.  Perhaps that is why I like it. Watching the patterns emerge as the thread joins the beads together is always a pleasure, and I find it quite soothing.

When I'm not weaving seed beads, I never have a problem finding an abundance of beautiful beads to string onto wire to form unique and wonderful jewelry. And since the beading community is always coming up with different ways of using beads, I am never at a loss for new techniques to try.

Since I have so much beadwork to show, I present it here in three categories.  A slide show of finished projects in each category can be found by clicking on one of the titles below.