Fascinating, talented, easy on the eyes.
There are a multitude of reasons why these folks intrigue me.
I won't bother listing their career statistics, since they are rarely very important to me.  Usually it is the fact that they are exceptionally good at what they do,
or have worked hard to be what they are.
And sometimes it is just that they are so nice to look at!

She is the undisputed queen of the silver screen.
But there is so much more to Katharine Hepburn.
At a time when it was decidedly unpopular for women to do so, she insisted on being accepted as the kind of woman she thought she should be.
Intelligent and confident, she handled her career with unusual persistence and determination, and became one of the most enduring actresses of our time.


June 29, 2003 - I simply cannot refer to Kate in the past tense.
Sweet dreams dear lady.  I will miss you forever.

Effortless.  That's how Spencer Tracy made acting look.
In each of  his movie roles, he never failed to appear to be exactly what you were supposed to think he was.
He could do more with a gesture or expression than most actors do with pages of dialog.

Once you looked into those eyes, you were never the same...

They called him "Jimmy Stewart - Every Man", because he had that natural quality that made him seem like the guy down the street.
Whether he was playing a cowboy or a politician or a guy with a big white rabbit, he always managed to touch a familiar place in all of us.
You knew this man - he was you and me.  And you couldn't help but like him, especially when he read his poetry aloud with that cracked voice of his.
He had an integrity you could trust.
That was his magic.

Was she a princess?
With Audrey Hepburn, you were never quite sure.  But you were certainly mesmerized.

My version of heaven would have to include
 at least one dance with Fred Astaire.

Man could this guy dance!
Athletic and inventive,
Gene Kelly was one of the
best dancers ever.
And he didn't have a
bad voice either!

One word comes to mind
when I think of Clint Eastwood.