I took advantage of the opportunity to take a ceramics class in 1999.
In it, the students dabbled with a variety of techniques.
It would probably take a dozen such classes before I attained any
respectable level of knowledge or expertise concerning ceramics.
But I did have fun.  And while I am by no means a ceramic artisan,
I do have some nice pieces of work to show for it.


Many various ceramic
objects can be found
ready-made.  This is
known as greenware.

The artistic challenge
with a piece like this
is the glazing.
For this piece, the
glaze was poured onto
the plate while it
was being spun!

This little greenware box was painted
with a product that puffs up when fired,
then topped off with a creamy speckled finish.

Here is another piece of greenware,
a simple platter.  As you can see, the use
of painted glazes can turn something plain into
something quite nice to look at.


Finally, we get to a piece that I
actually hand built.  This is a
draped lace bowl, made by
pressing lace into a rolled out
circle of clay, then creating a
scalloped edge, and draping
the clay over a bowl.

My finest creation!
My fish platter.
This piece also
started life as a
rolled out
circle of clay.

Then the fish design
was carved into it,
and it was placed
into a plant tray
to dry.
Three different
glazes produce the
final effect.

My next ceramic projects will be small hand-built pots,
with various embellishments and glazes.
Check back to see how they turn out.

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