I've been creating art with the computer since 2000, and it remains my obsession to this day.  The instant gratification that the digital medium provides is habit forming, and I am rarely happier than when I am creating digital art.  Many of my original designs are available as note cards and framed prints on my business site, AmboGraphics.  But I continue to create works of digital art for no other reason than to maintain my sanity.  This section will be home to those designs.  Most of them are created with PSP picture tubes and stock photographs, so while they are not completely original creations, they are unique.  Because they are too large to place together on one web page, thumbnails for each design are displayed instead, along with size information.  Clicking on any thumbnail will open the full size image in a new window.  Enjoy!


White Lion Angel Cubs

774 x 605
195 KB


In Bloom

502 x 502
157 KB




400 x 300
161 KB



The Soul of the Rose

500 x 250
128 KB



Those Eyes
my long overdue tribute to James Spader

450 x 450
216 KB



Cat Attributes ~ A collection of five feline portraits

524 x 424
76 KB
424 x 424
67 KB
424 x 424
69 KB
424 x 424
68 KB
524 x 424
65 KB


Misty Forest

685 x 487
201 KB




410 x 406
397 KB



Worlds Apart

320 x 420
67 KB




408 x 408
88 KB



The Journey

310 x 400
253 KB




350 x 275
195 KB



Mountain Tigers

314 x 416
60 KB



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