here are some web sites you may want to visit
(all links open in new windows)

this is Ambo's commercial site, where you can purchase framed digital art prints and note cards - also the home to a gigantic collection of free web graphics
A Soft Murmur
ambient sounds to wash away distraction
Jeff Nishinaka
marvel at the intricate creations of the world's premier paper sculptor
Mateusz Skutnik Games
the most inventive point and click flash games we've found - try Daymare Town first, and be
prepared to think outside the box!
Steve Bennett - Animated Art
(formerly KarmaStorm)
unbelievably beautiful and unique animation - "to provoke thought, and perhaps on the rarest of occasions silence it"
Eric Conveys an Emotion
this guy has a wonderfully warped sense of humor
Despair, Inc.
every corporate slave will understand this site
Internet Movie Database
the best source for information on movies, TV, actors, directors, etc.
great photos, icons, avatars, and digital art - all artist submitted
Millan Net
awesome collection of gif animations (most of them free) - also special pages you can send to your friends - lots of fun
San Diego Zoo Live Panda Cam
the camera is rolling 24 hours a day - watch the pandas from the moment they are born
Shambala Preserve
tippi hedren's wild animal preserve in Acton, CA is home to many gorgeous animals who would otherwise have no place to go - tippi is a tireless advocate for these lost creatures
Dolphin Research Center
a facility for dolphins that cannot live in the wild (mostly rescues) - we swam with a couple in 1994 and it is one of our fondest memories
Liquid Sculpture
stunning photography of liquids in motion
The Art of Marne Jaye
Marne's bold, bright, and unique paintings are a delight for the eye
The Cloud Appreciation Society
who knew there were so many categories of clouds?
John William Waterhouse
tribute site for British painter John William Waterhouse, including a large number of images of his paintings - just beautiful
J. K. Rowling
fabulous site from the author of the Harry Potter series - lots of great information - really cool
John Cleese
for all things Cleese, this site is the place - a wonderfully designed interface - just chock full of fun stuff
the art of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is delicate, ethereal, magical, fanciful - and absolutely breathtaking
Jim Carrey
freaking amazing, but then what else would you expect?
site is currently offline, but you can see some screenshots here, and a YouTube video here