What do you do with a beautiful print that you
cannot afford to custom frame?
Use a "floater" frame, and fashion your mat from selected art paper.  Turn the flaps out, and "rip" the paper instead of cutting it.
Embellish with your favorite accent.



Like the print?  Find the artist here.



Handmade Books



Here is the cover of my first book.  A simple book of limericks, crafted using the Japanese stab binding method.


This could get addicting!



And here is the second cover.
This one had a nicer stitch pattern called the Tortoise Shell Stitch.


My third book was a big leap from the first two!
This was a gift for Roy Horn.
The cover art was a paper collage, the cover paper was a Japanese metallic, and the stitching was done with leather.







The one on the left
is traditional
needlepoint, with
an open-weave
The one on the
right is cross-stitch.



I took a day-long class in
Pine Needle Basketry, and it
was more enjoyable than I
ever could have imagined.
The little basket I made
is a marvel.  I still can't
believe I actually created it.
It was an extremely moving
experience.  I highly
recommend it for anyone
who's soul needs soothing.



And for those of you who aren't
yet convinced that I am quite
insane, I present my
gingerbread house.
This little homestead took many
hours over a period of six days
to complete.


with melted sugar candy
windows and a light inside.
It is not a project I plan to
undertake again any time soon!


Notice the
boots on
the front



Click HERE to view photos of my fireplace painting project.



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