March 25, 2016

We've been spending the last couple of months
bringing this web site up to date.
It was orginally built to be graphic rich
and include lots of audio, but so many
of these neat features had ceased to work
on newer browsers.
Now they do, and we have tested everything
in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.
While we were at it, we added some new content as well.

  Here is a summary of all the fixes/changes:
Many different fonts display throughout the site
Music and sounds can be heard on most pages
  and many are newer, cleaner audio files
All of Greg's music pages now have MP3
  snippets - a random selection will play when you click on an image
A new Neil Young page was added to Greg's
  Music section
Photos on Greg's Beatles and Pink Floyd pages
  are bigger and we added lots of new photos and some animations
Photos on Ambo's Animals and Sunrise/Sunset
  pages are bigger and we added lots of new photos (also some neat animations)
The Quotes page sounds now work (just click on
  the speaker beside a quote to hear it)
Greg's Poker Blog is now part of this site (used
  to be on Blogger)
New backgrounds and animations were added to
  Ambo's Passing Thoughts and Lyrics pages


December 28, 2015

We don't get around to doing this as much as we used to,
and trying to remember what has happened since
our last update is quite the daunting task.

Mynx was diagnosed with hyper-thyroidism,
and could not tolerate the oral medication,
so she had the radioactive iodine treatment known as I131.
That meant 4 days in quarantine,
which was really the worst part.
She was a real trooper,
but Ambo was a nervous wreck the whole time.
Ambo got heart stoppingly close to Robert Downey Jr.
when he came to Sacramento to be inducted
into the California Hall of Fame.
It was totally worth the 3 hour wait!
Click here to view her video.
Greg vacations in the Victoria, BC area
for one week every year in July.
Other than that, we are just counting down
the years until we can retire.
Here's hoping that 2016 brings us all health and happiness.

By the way, OpalZephyr is now part of
Ambo's Realm.  Check it out here.


May 16, 2014

It's hard to believe that we have not updated
this site in almost 2 years.
Unfortunately, the most important event in those 2 years
was the death of our little Burmese, Brandi.
It seems that very shortly after Symka's death,
Brandi took on the mantle of the "old lady" very quickly.
She was a tough little girl, but eventually,
disease got the best of her.
We let her go very peacefully on March 5th, 2014.
Like all of her sisters before her,
she left us with very heavy hearts.
Our feline family is now down to four,
and we know we will have to say goodbye
to each of them in turn, which makes us very sad.
But they all fill our lives with such love and bliss
that we consider ourselves very fortunate
to have known each and every one of them.

Click here to view Brandi's page.

Click on the link above for our latest photos.


July 13, 2012

We said goodbye to our angel Symka on July 6th.
We felt she had been brave for long enough.
It is the hardest decision we ever have to make.
She was the sweetest, most good-natured cat
we have ever had the pleasure to know.
We like to think she is cavorting with Isis now.

Click here to view Symka's page.


This page playing a sample of A Lifetime of Moments by Bjorn Lynne