OpalZephyr is a site born of pure imagination. Nothing here is meant to be taken seriously. It is meant to delight the eye and entertain. That is its sole purpose.

I created this site because I needed an artistic project. Unlike most sites, the graphic elements were selected first, the words composed afterwards.

OpalZephyr is graphically INTENSE - many, many images on every page. You need to let the pages load completely, and that could take a while, even on a high-speed connection. The large images are "cut up" into many smaller images to speed loading, so don't be alarmed if you see the screen "painting" in pieces.

You will need Javascript turned on for most of these pages to work. There are some very unique scrolling techniques on this site, and without the scrolling scripts functioning, you won't be able to see all of the content. You should never have to use the normal window scroll bars for any of these pages.

This site is best viewed with your browser window maximized. That is because I custom built every page with a single image that displays the OpalZephyr content. Remember, the LOOK of this site is everything. Sure, there's text, but it's the graphics that really make it unique.

You will notice as you go through the site that the "controls" on every page are a little different. Sometimes you scroll by simply hovering your cursor over something, sometimes you have to click. Experiment!

In the bottom right corner of every page except the home page, there are two controls:
<<   returns to the OpalZephyr home page
<     goes back to the last MENU page
       (or up one level, if you think about it hierarchically)