Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper.
My origami creations are simple compared to some of the unbelievable work being done in paper folding today.  But I find the intricate folds and assemblies challenging
... and quite habit forming.





These beautiful wreaths are hard to stop making!
I've got dozens, all made from the designs in one book.
Here they are, and all assembled without glue.

The shape and texture of this wreath is so lovely
that I chose to use plain parchment paper


Two sides of the same wreath






The black and white series.
These are made from regular paper printed with my original tiling designs.












Two sides of the same wreath



They go together so quickly, and without glue.
Each star is made of 6 pieces of folded origami paper.
Easy peasy!  Find the instructions here.

These origami creations are made up of small "units" that fit together to form larger geometric forms.  Each unit is one piece of folded origami paper.  Assembly is completed without the use of glue.

my latest work
Kusudama Lilian (designed by Tomoke Fuse)
6 large units (square faces), 8 small units (triangular faces)
30 units
30 units
12 unit cubes
6 unit cubes
12 units
24 unit Cube
Click here to see how these small 6 unit cubes are made.
Tinier is harder!

A small "flowering" cube.
A flower kusudama
60 units
(this required glue). 





These little boxes start out as parchment paper printed with my original tiling designs.  They are then assembled using no glue at all.  They are surprisingly sturdy, yet delicate in appearance.


New designs being folded daily!