Mardel, Ambo, Greg, Cathy, and Bob


Bob and Mardel


Markey Hayden Bena
1956 - 2010
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Lincoln and Gail visit S.F.
Two of the nicest people you will ever meet

Lindsey, Ashley, and Taylor
For pictures of Lindsey and Taylor's wedding, click HERE.
Greg and Ambo attended the Stargate SG-1 Convention in Burbank
on July 11th, 2004.  It was a birthday gift for Greg,
and he got to meet his sweetie pie, Amanda Tapping!
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Kevin, Marvin, Ernie, Greg, and Gordy
We will miss you dad.



Dalton, Jarrad, Cathy, and Taylor
What a handsome bunch!

Cathy is Greg's sister.
She is always smiling!
Jarrad, Taylor, and Dalton
are Cathy's pride and joy.

Greg and Ambo on 6/13/81 - that fateful day!