Perhaps its undeniable connection with the sun
is what makes stained glass such a rewarding craft.
I've been doing stained glass since 1987, and I cannot begin to describe
the pleasure I derive from holding a finished piece up to the sun for the first time.
Most of my work has long since been given away,
but the joy of having done it remains with me to this day.


Two of my very first projects, both done
in traditional
  leaded glass.


This is one of the few
pieces I still possess,
and an original design.

The nicest thing about
this piece is that it
looks just as lovely
without any sun
coming through it.

This design was created by
the makers of Waterglass.
I fashioned the one on the
left for David McCallum,
and I liked it so much,
I made the one on the right
for us to keep.

I designed and created this
piece especially for
Katharine Hepburn.

Upon receiving it, she
wrote me a very nice
note of thanks, which
remains one of my most
treasured possessions.

Just a little something I threw
together using as many different
kinds of glass and jewels as I could find.
Looks great in the sun!

This fan is another of my own designs.
A very delicate looking piece,
done with beveled and jeweled accents.

My best work to date.
Not only is this a very
good representation of
a dog and cat I actually
knew, the piece seems
to have a life of its own.

The glass was very carefully
selected to look as much like
fur as possible, and the
glass used for the cat eyes
actually has small
discolorations in it, which
appear to be pupils!


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