There's a big difference between what you can do,
and what you should do.  Not everything you have
the right to do is the best thing you should.

Progress, not perfection.

No condition is permanent.

Accept your mortality.
Question everything else.

The terms "good" and "evil"
are open to interpretation.

Why is it that friends are so easy to make
but so hard to keep?

Maybe there isn't any great meaning to life.
Maybe that's the challenge.

Why does everyone think everything's about them,
when I know everything's about me?

The one thing I know for sure
is that I know nothing at all.

Life is far too short to waste time
pretending to be anything you are not.

Doing nothing is an action.
Remaining neutral is a choice.

Don't ask a question
if you aren't prepared to hear an honest response.

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