Name:   Molly  
  Date:   11/25/2016  
  Location:   Wild Rose, WI  
  Message:   s this, what-what. First look.  
  Name:   Louise  
  Date:   2/27/2014  
  Location:   San Diego  
  Message:   I LOVE your pages!  
  Name:   Stephen X. Mead  
  Date:   6/29/2011  
  Location:   Tacoma WA  
  Message:   Reading your remembrance of Markey. I have always wondered/worried about him since high school. We had a lovely love/hate relationship, the hate never serious on my part, nor I think on his. Please pass on any additional information you have. Peace, Stephen  
  Name:   Meghan  
  Date:   11/4/2010  
  Location:   nyc  
  Message:   Hi
I wanted to connect with you....
I was one of markey's friends'.
I'd like to share with you after reading your homage, and no doubt you can share with me....
please do contact me. email is just fine, ey?
  Name:   Cathy Lovely  
  Date:   2/19/2010  
  Location:   Revisited  
  Message:   Alright! I am back and absolutely love visiting your site. I just wanted to say hello and thank you both for building such a wonderful place to visit! Each time I show up there is always something new, fun, creative and definitely worth sticking around. I promise to check back more often.
This time I stumbled across the poem written for Michael Jackson that I had not seen before. It was very sweet. What a beautiful and special man he was. Thanks for including it.
Hope all is well at home....
Looking forward to our next get-together!
Let's make it soon.
Say hello to the kitties and Ringo!
Love ya
  Name:   Janice B.  
  Date:   12/29/2008  
  Location:   Novato, CA  
  Message:   I love your website!!! Alissi is a beautiful addition to your family...I love her markings!!! Greg, I am sorry for your Mom's passing. Ambo, you are one talented gal!!! Wishing you a healthy and fantastic 2009!!!  
  Name:   Gail  
  Date:   12/21/2008  
  Location:   Florida  
  Message:   Alissi is beautiful!!  
  Name:   Bob L  
  Date:   12/21/2008  
  Location:   Pacific Northwest  
  Message:   Hi, the sebsite is fun as always. I checked out your new kitten - Alissi has very attractive markings.  
  Name:   Cher  
  Date:   4/5/2008  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Ambo,
Your Origami is beautiful! Is there no end to your talents?!
I really enjoy coming over here and seeing all of your updates.
Have you ever considered teaching classes on some of these crafts?

  Name:   Fern  
  Date:   3/20/2008  
  Location:   Iowa and PA  
  Message:   You guys are wonderful, really! I seem to spend half a day at your site. The art and photos are great! I'm so impressed with your new adventure Greg. Good luck (Nice sweater - great photo) Keep us all informed. Miss the babies. Kiss the rest for me.  
  Name:   Cher  
  Date:   3/2/2008  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Wow! I read about Greg playing poker and how he ranked!
Great job! I would imagine it takes a lot of concentration to be that good.
Every time I check out your site it gets better and better!
Thanks for letting me know about the updates!
Thanks for your friendship Ambo.

You need a little "smiley" playing poker!
  Name:   Bob Lovely  
  Date:   2/29/2008  
  Location:   West Coast  
  Message:   Hi this was fun. As was having lunch with you all today. The poker blog is a kick. Regards, Bob.  
  Name:   josiane chaina  
  Date:   4/29/2007  
  Location:   barssa el koura (north lebanon)  
  Message:   i loved to see all those lovely pictures.  
  Name:   Cathy  
  Date:   3/28/2007  
  Location:   Close to Greg and Ambo  
  Message:   I love your little ticker "time remaining Bush is out of office"... makes me smile every time I see it. We may get lucky and see an is in the works as we speak! Horrah!  
  Name:   Cher  
  Date:   3/27/2007  
  Location:   Ohio  
  Message:   OMG! I love your count down to Bush out of office!  
  Name:   Cathy Lovely  
  Date:   2/28/2007  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   I LOVE IT!
I will send that beautiful count down timer to all the really sharp friends I have! Trust me....there are plenty!
  Name:   Gail Kiem  
  Date:   1/23/2007  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Love the new digital art section. You are SOOOO talented! And of course I love all the pics of your babies. They are beautiful.

Love, Gail
  Name:   Cathy Lovely  
  Date:   1/22/2007  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Wow you guys! I loved the Journey and the leaves animation... cats too... oh heck... loved it all... simply amazing.  
  Name:   Bob Lovely  
  Date:   11/02/2006  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Hi Greg and Ambo, I had an enjoyable time visiting your site. You both have interesting things to share. Greg, I must admit my favorite area in your section was on your dad. Glad to here things are going well and hope to see you in the early spring. Ambo, I love your kaleidoscopes.  
  Name:   Cher  
  Date:   11/02/2006  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   I am really enjoying your site Ambo! You both have done a great job.
I really enjoyed the quotes and cartoons. Also loved the stars you admire. Bette Davis and Audrey Hepburn are two of my favorites. I really like Ginger Rogers too.
You have done a great job here and it is a lot of fun!
Thanks for inviting me to the fun!
P.S. The picture of you and Gail and Roy will always be a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing!
  Name:   Gail Kiem  
  Date:   11/01/2006  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   The house looks great and the yard is beautiful!! All of your hard work paid off. Enjoy!!  
  Name:   Terri Thompson  
  Date:   11/01/2006  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Hey Ambo - the place looks really good!! What a beautiful place to spend your days!!
Hope you are well and enjoying the fall.
Gotta go.........
  Name:   Darla Hicks  
  Date:   7/05/2006  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   WOW! Ambo your house looks lovely and that pool is to die for! It's simply gorgeous! Welcome back to California!
  Name:   Allison Ward  
  Date:   4/30/2006  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Hey Ambo! Welcome back to California! Wishing you all the best luck. I hope all the cats are doing well and that your move goes smoothly!  
  Name:   Karin Waters  
  Date:   4/28/2006  
  Location:   USA  
  Message:   Wishing you good luck finding the perfect house. I know you guys like California and I hope everything goes great for you both.